West Michigan Lacrosse Teams

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East Grand Rapids HS

Greg Tanis, Head Coach

Through the years many players have gone on to play college ball at schools like Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, Colgate, Gettysburgh, Haverford, and Miami of Ohio, along with area schools like Alma, Calvin, Hope, and Western Michigan. The team is currently coached by Greg Tanis, an EGR graduate, who has successfully led the team through three seasons, including a state championship in 1999. EGR currently has teams at the high school, junior varsity, freshman, middle school, and youth levels.

The EGR Lacrosse team was founded around 1984 and has since become a perenial powerhouse. They won their first state championship under Coach Mike Schanhals. The teams was awarded a new trophy case at that time and the coach got a romantic getaway for his self and his wife. After a year off they once again captured another championship in 1996 under Coach Jim Dart.

2211 Lake Drive SE * Grand Rapids, MI 49506 * 616-235-7593 (Athletics)

Forest Hills Central HS

Doug Sharp, Head Coach

The Forest Hills team is made up of players from both the Northern and Central school districts and has been around since 1984. The squad is going into its fourth year under Coach Doug Sharp. Forest Hills has teams at varsity, junior varstity, and middle school levels.

5901 Hall Street SE * Grand Rapids, MI 49546 * 616-285-8715 (Athletics)

Rockford HS

Andy Sharp, Head Coach

The Rockford Rams are entering their third season of play, with two years of growth under their belt. The team began in the minds of several students and quickly became a reality. With the help of Calvin College Coach, Jason Heerema and their current Coach, Andy Sharp they have grown into what should be a tough competitor for the class C crown. The squad has continued to grow with the help of several highly dedicated players. They will be adding a junior varsity squad in 2000 and hope to add middle school and girls teams in the upcoming years.

4100 Kroes * Rockford, MI * 616-866-7107 (Athletics)

East Kentwood HS

Tim McCall, Head Coach

The East Kentwood Falcons are going into their second season this Spring under Coach McCall, a former player in New York. The team hopes to come out strong this season and begin actively playing teams from around the state in class C. They will be looking for games with area teams. Contact Coach McCall at 554-8803 for more information.

6230 Kalamazoo Ave SE * Kentwood, MI 49508 * 616-698-6700 (Main)

Catholic Central HS

Andy Sharp, Head Coach

To get the rumor mills started once again about lacrosse at Catholic Central I will let you know that the word is that it is looking like CC will field a team in the Spring of 2000. The lacrosse community is also hopeful for future teams from Grandville, Grand Rapids Christian, along with several other schools. If you are new to the area and have an interest in coaching,

319 Sheldon SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616-459-4559 (Main)

Calvin College

Jason Heerma, Head Coach

The Calvin College has been around for quite a while and has become the most consistently fairing college team in the region under the direction of 6th year coach, Jason Heerema. With the help of road trips around the midwest along with treks to Messiah College in Pennsylvania for the Holy Wars the team has gained the attention of students from their community and created quite a fan base. Just this past year they expanded their program with the addition of a womens squad as they continue to grow in hopes of becoming a Varsity Division III program in the near future. For the 2000 season they have an experienced group of Freshman joining the team which should make them a tough team to beat.

Athletic Department * Grand Rapids, MI 49546 * 616-957-6176 (Athletics)